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Funny Characters Leaves Weed Smoking Graffiti Stickers

Funny Characters Leaves Weed Smoking Graffiti Stickers



GOGOTU Weed Smoking Stickers - Stick the Vibe, Express Your High Spirit

Decorate your world with the essence of elevated living through GOGOTU Weed Smoking Stickers. Crafted for those who appreciate the cannabis culture, these stickers are more than adhesive visuals; they're a statement, a badge of honor for enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Expressive Design: Let your belongings reflect your vibe with the unique Weed Smoking design on each sticker. These visuals are not just stickers; they're an expression of your high spirit.

  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality PVC, these stickers are built to withstand the elements. Waterproof and resilient, they're perfect for personalizing your water bottles, laptops, or anything you desire.

  • Perfect Dimensions: With a length and diameter of 5CM and a height of 6CM, these stickers are the perfect size for adding a touch of the cannabis culture to your everyday items. The 1MM width ensures intricate detailing.