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Members Lounge

Welcome to Haze Labs: Medical Cannabis Lounge, an exclusive haven celebrated for its serene ambiance and enriching educational experiences. Step into our private sanctuary, where members can unwind and explore within a secure and confidential environment. We are dedicated to prioritizing your well-being through educational resources and support, all while actively contributing to community causes through charitable initiatives.

Join us at Haze Labs: Medical Cannabis Lounge and discover a unique blend of relaxation, education, and community engagement.


Private Relaxation Space

At Haze Labs: Medical Cannabis Lounge, we offer medical users a private and confidential space where members can find relaxation, unwind, and experience a sense of peace away from the outside world.


Education and Resources

We provide various educational resources, such as workshops, seminars, and online materials, aimed at enhancing your knowledge and comprehension.

Heart & Hands

Community Support

At Haze Labs: Medical Cannabis Lounge, we cultivate a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share interests in relaxation, health, and well-being. We provide personalized guidance and support to meet your unique needs.

Don't Have A Referral?

Are you ready to become a part of the Haze Labs community but don't have a referral? No worries! Navigate your way to the "Join" button below and open the door to a world of cannabis knowledge, camaraderie, and exclusive events.

How to become a member:

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Get to Know Us

Option 1: Referral and Plus 1 System

  1. Referral:

    • Connect with an existing member who can refer you to our private members lounge.

    • The referring member will accompany you as their plus 1 during the registration process.

  2. In-Person Registration:

    • Visit Haze Labs: Private Members Lounge in person for registration.

    • Both you and the referring member must be present during the registration process.

  3. Identity Verification:

    • Bring a valid photo ID for both yourself and the referring member to verify identities during the in-person registration.

  4. Membership Confirmation:

    • Upon successful registration, you and the referring member will receive membership confirmation, solidifying your access to the lounge.

  5. Annual Renewal:

    • Remember that membership must be renewed annually to maintain continuous access to the lounge.

  6. Lounge Enjoyment:

    • As a verified member, you can relish the exclusive benefits, educational resources, and vibrant community within Haze Labs: Private Members Lounge.

Option 2: Email Registration

If you are unable to secure a referral, we offer an alternative registration process:

  1. Email Registration:

    • Send an email to expressing your desire to become a member.

    • Include your contact details in the email.

  2. Invitation for Registration:

    • Upon receiving your email, we will send you an invitation to visit the lounge for in-person registration.

  3. Registration Process:

    • Attend the registration session at the lounge as per the provided invitation.

  4. Membership Fee:

    • Pay the one-time annual membership fee of £20 during the registration process.

  5. Membership Card:

    • Once your identity is verified and the fee is paid, you'll receive an official membership card, granting you access to the lounge.

  6. Annual Renewal:

    • Remember that membership must be renewed annually to maintain access to the lounge.


Haze Labs: Private Members Lounge Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between you ("Member") and Haze Labs: Private Members Lounge ("Haze Labs") for access and participation in Haze Labs membership and services. By becoming a member of Haze Labs, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Eligibility:

1.1 Membership with Haze Labs is open to individuals aged 18 or older.

1.2 A valid photo ID is required for registration and entry.

2. Registration and Membership Verification:

2.1 Prospective members must complete an in person registration process.

2.2 To complete the registration and become an official member, individuals must visit Haze Labs in person. This process includes identity verification, presentation of a valid ID, and payment of the annual membership fee, which is currently £20.

2.3 Membership must be renewed annually, and members may be subject to additional entry fees.

3. Entry and Access:

3.1 Access to Haze Labs is exclusively granted to registered members.

3.2 The initial annual membership fee covers the cost of the first session.

3.3 Members are required to pay a £5 entry fee for each visit, beginning with the second session. Entry fees are payable at the front desk during check-in for each visit.

3.4 Presentation of a valid membership card and ID is mandatory for entry.

4. Confidentiality:

4.1 Haze Labs is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of its members.

4.2 Photography and videography within the lounge are restricted unless expressly permitted by Haze Labs management.

5. Behaviour and Conduct:

5.1 All members are expected to maintain respectful and responsible behaviour during their visits.

5.2 Engaging in any disruptive or illegal activities may result in immediate membership termination.

6. Security and Safety:

6.1 Haze Labs has implemented comprehensive security measures to ensure the safety of all members.

6.2 Members are required to adhere to fire safety guidelines and safe usage practices while on the premises.

7. Data Privacy:

7.1 Personal information collected during the sign-up process is protected in accordance with data protection laws and Haze Labs' privacy policy.

7.2 Members have the right to request access to their data and its removal from Haze Labs' records, as permitted by applicable regulations.

8. Educational Services:

8.1 Haze Labs offers various educational resources, workshops, and consultations. Participation in these services is voluntary.

9. Feedback and Communication:

9.1 Haze Labs encourages members to provide feedback regarding their experiences and the services provided.

9.2 Contact information for inquiries, suggestions, and communication is readily available.

10. Legal Compliance:

10.1 All members are responsible for adhering to local laws and regulations while participating in Haze Labs activities.

11. Policies:

11.1 In addition to these terms and conditions, members are expected to comply with Haze Labs' policies, which may be communicated through official channels.

12. Termination:

12.1 Haze Labs reserves the right to terminate a membership if a member violates the terms of this Agreement or engages in prohibited conduct.

Haze Labs: Medical Cannabis Lounge
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